Ali Elizabeth Vicknair


There are some authors who explore the life of others, while some write about life experiences. In my instance, you will view a book overflowing with personal reflection upon some of the coming- of-age experiences I underwent as I pinpoint what once was my dilemma.

I’ll have you beautiful people know that I am an ambiguous being,

mystifying a work of art through my ability to hone in on others’ feelings. Just because you are reading a work that I fabricated does not exactly mean you know what I’ve been through. My sole reason behind exposing my 2 a.m. distractions comes from the hope of saving. Rather than continuing to dwell on the worrisome times in my youth, I wish to display truth while also remaining informative. With many stable components in my life, I was driven to challenge myself as well as society to think outside of the circumstances we are granted, for I am now presenting my book as a way of expressing the normality of emotions tied to the chaotic ordeals of life.
Writing assisted me in ascending to the next stage of my existence, while also altering my perspective to clarify the importance of my message. Developing the ability to recognize the desired resolution, finding a sense of humor in the most absurd situations, and feeling pressure to be adherent to the world’s calling are struggles I’ve come to learn everyone faces; consequently, these experiences are reflected in my work.

So just when you thought you’ve been through it all, and you’re abandoned and empty, read this, and note down - you are radiantly brimful.

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